How Ping Pong affects mind and body

Ping Pong can be an underrated as a simple sport yet it is a physically intensive game, which involves both the mind and the body. The success of the game depends on high intelligence quotient (IQ) and fast body movement for quick ball response and ball hits. The vigorous physical exercise associated with the game enhances cognitive development and overall brain development. Other benefits include

Improved psychomotor skills

The motor circuits build in the brain helps in activating improvement of psychomotor skills. They are responsible for the psychosocial development of the player. The game does not only focus on the ball but it makes you view opponent’s weaknesses and capitalizes them within the shortest time limit of the game. Remember, your opponent is also studying your movements and improving on his weaknesses. You have to change tact to counter that since everyone gears towards a win. At the end of the game, the brain is at constant work, with time there is an overall improvement in brain functioning.

Enhanced memory

Table tennis is a game, which requires quick thinking to be able to respond to the ball on time. This helps to improve memory and master the concept of ball movement for further plays. The fast reaction time in ball response and body movement is the work of the nerves to help in stimulating the hormones for the quick response. The sport activates the brain to strategies on gameplay; this is achieved through constant involvement in the sport.

Improved concentration and alertness

The brain game enhances concentration since the nature of the game is such that you have to keep your eye glued to the ball at any one point. This further helps to increase alertness to counter your opponent’s moves.

Good mood

Playing ping pong outdoor activates the hormone responsible for muscle relaxation; the overall effect is a positive attitude towards life and further good mood. It also stimulates the brain to improve the attention of the players while focusing on the ball while it bounces the table. There are a lots of ping pong equipments: Check it out! The strategic organization of a player comes from the subconscious mind in the brain. The game is compared to chess since it helps in thinking faster than how your opponent thinks. Sports enthusiasts refer to table tennis as the game of the brain because of the massive brain activities while handling the sport.glide

Brain reaction

Health experts working with docile children encourage ball games to help allow the brain to think beyond the eyes. Ping Pong acts as a memory booster and improves mastery of facts and events. The game makes you change tactics constantly to beat your opponent. You cannot have a specific way of handling the game. Your opponent determines your strategy in winning the game.

The aerobic exercises involved in the game enhance brain reaction to strategize on the best move while focusing on winning the game. All these require proper mental health. Prolonged playing of table tennis has an overall positive effect on the brain functioning. All these proves the science behind ping pong and proper brain functioning.


Weed eaters for vegetables

Weeds compete with the main plants and vegetables for the little nutrients depriving them of good health. Some weeds are so stubborn that you need stronger home tools to get rid of them completely. There are three forms of removing weeds from your vegetable garden. The mechanical method; through physical uprooting of weeds using hands and weed eaters and the biological way; where you introduce a parasite, which consumes the weeds in its natural state. Weeds lead to discoloration affecting the pigmentation, which carries the soluble nutrients. The best way to get rid of weeds is with the use of home tools because you are sure they remove them right from the roots to avoid any reoccurrence. Why remove weeds? This is to ensure you have healthy vegetables with all the essential nutrients intact and at the same time allow them to reach maturity especially the roots and fruits. Some of the weed eaters include

 21212 Green eater

This portable home tool uses an electric starter to drive the power engine. It is an efficient tool to suit all ages and heights because of its adjustable handle. You can never be worried about noise, vibrations, and disturbances when handling this tool since it has inbuilt sound absorbers for silent functioning. You can also opt to safeguard it using a cord lock such that you minimize on the people to operate it- a good measure to ensure the durability of the home tool. In addition, it is made of lightweight material and strong blades to ensure it clears all weeds within its reach. The adjustable shaft makes it convenient to transport it from one place to the other.

GH 900 Black &Decker


This automated weed eater is driven by a motor-powered technology ignited by electricity. The unique feature of this home tool is continuous workflow with minimum disturbance, even on an uneven surface. The motor allows removal of weeds from the machine, without your involvement. Your work is just to guide it on areas you need weeds removed. Its lightweight nature also makes it user-friendly and efficient for bulk weed removal. A weed eater has its own capabilities just as much as many capabilities and presses (

Toro 51480

This high-performance home tool acts as a dual purpose trimmer, you can trim and edge it using its sharp blades on its lower end. In addition, it has a feeder where all your weeds are removed from the site to allow you continue with weed cutting efficiently. The electric powered home tool works faster and effectively for all the trimming and edging needs.

 LST 300 Black &Decker

This battery-powered engine is similar to the three home tools above in terms of performance and efficiency. The only difference is the lithium battery that runs the engine for trimming actions. In addition, it had a dual edge for running trimming actions from any angle.

Weed eaters are must-have home tools since; weeds grow depending on the type of weather. When they are left unattended, they can harbor pests, snakes, and parasites which can cause harm to households living within the home. They are user-friendly, once you read the instructions on the manual, you do not need the expertise to help you run them.

Health Benefits of Pool Vacuum

A pool vacuum is an automated suction machine that removes debris, dirt and other contaminants from a pool with little or no human intervention. There are several benefits of having a pool vacuum. The health benefits of a pool vacuum include:

 Pool Vacuums remove dirt and debris from the swimming pool:

One of the health benefits of a pool vacuum is that it is capable of removing dirt and debris from the swimming pool, keep it clean pool. A dirty swimming pool can pose a serious danger to the health. Contaminants in the swimming pool can be swallowed by humans, thereby causing stomach upset or other kinds of diseases. When you use a swimming pool vacuum, it removes all the dirt thereby allowing your pool to be free from contaminants.

 Pool Vacuums removes insects and other small animals from the pool:

An essential health benefit of a pool vacuum is that it removes insects and other small animals from the pool. Insects and small animals like tadpoles usually infest a pool. These organisms can carry disease pathogens that can cause diseases when the come in contact with the human body system. When you use a pool vacuum to clean your pool regularly, your pool will be free from insects and small organisms and be much safer for humans.

 Pool vacuums do not contaminate the pool:

One of the health benefits of using pool vacuums to remove dirt and debris from your pool is that they do not contaminate your pool afterward. The difference between a pool vacuum and a chemical cleaning agent is that chemical cleaning agents leave behind some chemical residue in your pool when used to clean the pool. This chemical residue can cause irritation and other health complications when they come in contact with the human skin. However, a pool vacuum does not contain chemical residues that can contaminate the pool after cleaning.

 Pool Vacuums prevent human health hazards that can occur during manual cleaning:

An impressive benefit of a pool vacuum is that it prevents health hazards that may occur during a manual pool cleaning. Pool cleaning requires little or no human effort at all. This makes it very safe to use. Manual cleaning of swimming pool can result in slips, fall or other forms of accident. Manual cleaning can also result in drowning. But with a pool vacuum, there is no room for accident. This is an impressive health benefit of pool vacuums.

 Pool Vacuums are more effective in cleaning:


One of the health benefits of a pool vacuum is that it is a very effective pool cleaner. Pool Vacuums are better alternatives in the removal of dirt, insects, debris and small organisms from your pool. Pool vacuums are guaranteed to make the pool much safer from contaminants. This is because it is more effective than manual cleaning or using a pool filter. Manual cleaning of the pool cannot remove all the debris and contaminants in the pool the way a pool vacuum will do. This is one reason why it is essential to pick from a large selection of pool vacuums especially if your pool has a  warm water from the heater.

 Pool Vacuums can remove algae from the swimming pool:

One of the health benefits of a pool vacuum is that it is capable of removing algae from the swimming pool. Algae is a disease-causing pathogen that can cause diseases when human beings swim in a contaminated pool. However, with a swimming pool vacuum, the threat of algae would be totally removed.

Ontraport has made it easy for a fitness and lifestyle coach

A Letter from Fitness and Lifestyle Coach glidehealth image

A lot of my friends ask me how I did it. They ask me how I got healthy and fit at the same time; how I promoted the healthy lifestyle I have learned through my struggles and get a lot of followers. Many women who want to lose weight expect my newsletter and inspirational message every day.  To tell them honestly, I never really thought I can achieve my dreams of having a fit body while living the career I want. I always wanted to be a fitness and lifestyle coach.  I didn’t know that it was possible then I start to realize nothing is really impossible once you give time, enthusiasm, discipline, and commitment.  I created this letter to answer the questions that were being thrown at me. This is my story…

Since I was a kid, I already love junk foods, soda, and sweets.  I never really mind what I eat or drink. I was young and was not bothered about health. I eat what was satisfying, convenient and foods that can be prepared quickly without even caring what it can do to my body.

There comes to a point that I was bullied because of my weight.  I felt embarrass and dreamt a lot of being sexy and healthy. I kept on saying that someday I will achieve it. I’ve read every article and books that would help get healthy again. Having commitment in getting fit is more demanding that to be in a relationship. Your enemy is yourself. It takes a lot of discipline, perseverance, and dedication in achieving your goals. Eating the right food and listening to your body is the first thing you should learn to do. I was slowly achieving the body and lifestyle I’ve always wanted when people start noticing the improvement I got. People started to ask me and want to get an advice from me. I talked to them and sometimes repeating the same message I gave to the previous person that asked me the same questions.

I’ve created video blogs and showed it to people. I started sending emails using Ontaport and got a lot of followers. I have proven that people are getting more inspiration from the emails I am sending, they expect it every day. I am really touched how they respond to my messages with their own success stories. If you test it out Ontaport, it has given me the power to communicate to my followers without any fail. It has many features that made it easy for me to get in touch to everyone. It has text messaging function, email marketing, postcard marketing and tracking features. People get updates from me on time.

I found contentment and happiness with what I am doing now. I am sending an email to people who wants to get the inspirational message and I love that I can be someone to help them and at the same time making my career out it.


All the best,

Maddie Johnson
Fitness and Lifestyle Coach

Grilled Food vs. Fried Food, Which is better?


Of all the cooking methods that exist today, frying and grilling are two of the most favorited ones. The two have also been in a fight with each other for which is better—grilling or frying? Not a lot of people know, it doesn’t depend on how a meal tastes for each (not saying both doesn’t make delicious food). So, here are some things you need to consider to answer the question.


Whether you’re frying or grilling, both impose potential risks to your health—depends on how you grill or fry. Usually, you add butter and pour oil to the pan, then the food cook on whatever oil the pan releases. But, the amount of oil in your food/meat when you grill can’t be compared to the high amount of fat content in the meat/food itself. Added to that, while you grill, HCAs, which are carcinogenic compounds are formed by the interaction of proteins with the high level of heat. The ingestion of heterocyclic amines has been associated with cancer—specifically colon and stomach cancer. Scorched meat, food thoroughly cooked and smoked with burning fat intensify heterocyclic amines.


When you’re grilling or frying, it creates a meat flavor when high heat is applied to the food’s protein. The various-flavored compounds, providing meat a strong, intricate flavor. That different flavor you can taste from grilled food that isn’t present in fried food comes from 2 sources. One, are the hardwood-made charcoal briquettes that the meat absorbs the smoky wood taste. Whether you’re grilling food through charcoal and gas, smoke and flames made by drizzling fat scorches the meat and saturates the meat with a smoky flavor. But, as mentioned earlier, the fat content escalates the content of HCAs present on your food. In other words, having that smoky flavor comes at a great price.


Whether the sun or shining or the rain is pouring, nighttime or daytime, you can quickly and conveniently fry your food on your pan, at the very comfort and convenience of your own kitchen. For a lot of cooking enthusiasts, grilling is usually done outside. You have to setup your equipment away from other kitchenware, such as your refrigerator, kitchen, and cooking supplies. Added to that, you must buy a perfect smoker for your needs make grilling more convenient especially those electric smoker ones. Basically, frying is more convenient than grilling.


Both grilling and frying have a flexible form that others do not have. For grilling, you can use indirect heating methods, like killing the secondary gas burners or spreading charcoal on just one side of the grill to cook large pieces of meat. On the flip side, frying food in a pan makes an easy base for other methods of cooking. Take for an example, one can hazel a steak or roast, then basically pour wine or broth to the pan, cover it using a tight-fitting cover, lessening the heat and unhurriedly cook a thick piece of meat until is thoroughly tender. Not only that, you can move a piece of browned steak in a cast iron pan straight into a medium hot oven.

Coffee for Healthy Mind and Body

health cup

Despite the fact that there are reasons why you should not drink coffee, a lot of people can’t keep away from this delicious and mouth-watering drink. Aside from the compelling taste, there are a lot of benefits one can get from drinking coffee that most people don’t know. Coffee may not be the villain you have thought it to be.

Jogging Your Memory

One of the saddest parts of seeing someone age is witnessing one’s mental sharpness lose its grip. Although you may think it’s impossible to stop it from happing, a recent study relating to it might give you hope. According to the research, coffee may be a good substance to prevent you from having the same fate. The researchers found out that the participants who drank 3-5 cups of coffee each day lessen their risk of getting Alzheimer’s diseases or dementia by more than 50%. If you don’t want it to slip out of your mind, make it a habit of drinking coffee with your meals to help you not forget.

It Doesn’t Just Hype You Up, It Also Makes You Smarter

If you constantly feel tired, even though you regularly have enough sleep, it’s a good reason to start drinking coffee. Coffee can increase your energy thanks to the strong stimulant called caffeine in each coffee bean. A lot of researchers involving human participants have shown how coffee enhanced several regions of brain function, including one’s memory, mood, energy levels, reaction time, vigilance, and the overall cognitive capacity.

Want to Live Longer? Drink Coffee

It may sound crazy, but numerous credible researches have shown that people who drink coffee have lower risks of dying from a wide variety of terrible health conditions. One of the most famous ones was the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in the year 2012. One of the reasons it’s so credible is because of the study’s number of participants, which exceeds 400, 000. They didn’t just keep track them for a few years, but they spent 12-13 years regularly studying their condition.

It Makes You Happier

A bag of chips and a few cans of beer are not the only food that will make you happier. A safer and proven drink is coffee. Like in any lesson, we are taught that caffeine increases the amount of dopamine in our brain, which is also known as the pleasure chemical. It will cause a chain reaction in your body that will make you less depressed, but rather happier. Literally speaking, drinking coffee is a life saver. So if you ever have a friend who is depressed, have a chat with her or him over a hot cup of coffee.

Coffee Makes You Calm

Even smelling that freshly brewed coffee alone has already a calming effect. How does it do this? Coffee transforms the protein composition in the brain that is related to stress, especially the one caused by having no proper amount of sleep. This is why it’s a great feeling to have a cup of coffee early in the morning. Start your morning with Coffee as part of daily life? Why not?


Living As An Independent Woman

An independent woman is a liberated woman who does not depend on anyone for financial, emotional and psychological support. The society takes women as lesser beings compared to men. Women empowerment programs focus on independence in finding inward happiness. It means she is able to cope with people irrespective of their personality without any outside influence.

Characteristics of an Independent Woman

Prioritizes Her Needs

An independent woman prioritizes her needs. She is able to give her mind and body what she requires without seeking permission or authority from others. She also knows where to find happiness within herself. In her career, she makes independent decisions within the company policies while accommodating the effect of the rest of the team. She is intelligent and uses wisdom to make decisions rather than the body. This personality helps build healthy social relationships with her peers. She does not fear to express herself and speak out her mind about something.

Possesses High Self-Esteem

A self-reliant woman is comfortable with herself. She is not jealous of a fellow woman but uses the personality as a motivating factor to become successful in her own capacity. Positive jealousy is great since it acts as a model of transformation. Negative jealousy leads to low self-esteem. For example, the current world recognizes a slim woman as “fashionable’ a plus-size woman who appreciates herself irrespective of societal judgment is the road to independence.

Sets and Sticks to Her Limits

She ensures she sets her boundaries straight and follows them to the letter. She is able to say no to any destruction, which goes contrary to her principles. She can say no to negative criticism. She also appreciates positive criticism and uses it to build positive virtues in herself.

Takes Responsibility for Her Actions

The assertive nature of an independent woman makes her responsible for her actions. She stands on her principles and ready to defend herself. She is not easily swayed by the wave of fashion, career, and relationships among others. She sticks to her goals in life and strictly follows that to the end. This does not mean she refutes every opinion but she accommodates individual opinion but does not follow it if it does go well with her principles.

Believes in Herself

Since she is responsible for her actions, she goes an extra mile to ensure her principles are the best for the goals. In her career, she can stick to a decision and ready to defend it while accommodating company policies. She also obedient to work ethics and able to correct any offensive utterances from her peers for the sake of harmony.
It is evident an independent woman has strong principles which govern her life. This makes her happy at all times. In addition to other personalities she may possess, she puts her needs first while accommodating the rest as the next priority; as a result, she makes an independent decision without any influence by any external forces. This personality makes her think before making a decision since she is the sole carrier of the repercussions.

Reasons Why Keeping a Pet is the Best Way to Be Stress-Free


Sure you can approach stress and depression in a medical way, but what if we tell you that there is a better way? Pets like dogs and cats have been proven to significantly reduce stress and depression. How? Read this article.

A Pet Can Make One’s Mood Better

For people like you who definitely adore animals, it is nearly impossible to get stuck in a bad mood as your pooch gives you his “puppy eyes”, or when your supper furry cat rubs his body against your arm. Gaining happiness from dogs is not just an opinion, but a fact. Studies have shown that there are actually a lot of mood-improving advantages of pets. Take for an example, the latest research involving men with AIDS showed that they were less likely to have depression if they have a pet.

A Pet Can Maintain Your Blood Pressure Better Than Drugs

Surprised? We are, too. Although there are drugs that can decrease your blood pressure, they are not made to have the capacity to control blood pressure spikes caused by stress and tension. A study involving the relation of pets and blood pressure has proven this statement. They had batches of NY stockbrokers who were currently suffering from high blood pressure who had dogs/cats were found to have lower BP and hear rates than other groups who did not.

Having a Pet Encourages Us to Go Out and Exercise

Whether you walk your dog(s) since it’s your responsibility as their owner, or because you like walking with the presence of your pet, dog owners definitely spend more time walking compared to individuals without pets. And since it is a fact that exercise, as simple as walking or jogging, is beneficial for managing stress and having a better health. And if you have a dog, it can increase the said benefits.

Pets Can Be a Great Aid for Social Support

Especially in an urban place, walking with your dog outside your house can likely lead to conversing with other people. It can be a simple “Good Day” or even a good long chat. This is a good way to widen your network of friends, which leads you to have a better stress management.

Pets Prevent Us from Feeling Lonely and Give Us Conditional Love

A lot of pet owners would agree that an animal companion can be there for you in a lot of other ways that people, even your own parents, and friends can’t—providing love, companionship, comfortable silence, keeping secrets, and comfortable snuggling. They can also be an effective antidote loneliness. A research showed that residents of nursing homes feel less lonely when they are alone with the dogs visiting than having them together with other people.

Pets Can Improve a Lot of Relationships

A great relationship with your animal buddy can lead to better relations with other people. Your pet will not care what kind of person you are, or if what you’re wearing is even presentable; they still want to play with you and be near you wherever you go. This fact alone encouraged people to live. A study also showed that animals in nature can teach a person values such as patience, and mental energy. Being a pet owner can also teach you responsibility, and improve your sense of trust, openness, and companionship.

So BETTER take care of your pets right.Let them feel the love that they suppose to have by giving them the right vitamins like a joint supplements. Knowing what is the right and wrong food to give them. Better check twice if eating hummus or limes are healthy