Reasons Why Keeping a Pet is the Best Way to Be Stress-Free


Sure you can approach stress and depression in a medical way, but what if we tell you that there is a better way? Pets like dogs and cats have been proven to significantly reduce stress and depression. How? Read this article.

A Pet Can Make One’s Mood Better

For people like you who definitely adore animals, it is nearly impossible to get stuck in a bad mood as your pooch gives you his “puppy eyes”, or when your supper furry cat rubs his body against your arm. Gaining happiness from dogs is not just an opinion, but a fact. Studies have shown that there are actually a lot of mood-improving advantages of pets. Take for an example, the latest research involving men with AIDS showed that they were less likely to have depression if they have a pet.

A Pet Can Maintain Your Blood Pressure Better Than Drugs

Surprised? We are, too. Although there are drugs that can decrease your blood pressure, they are not made to have the capacity to control blood pressure spikes caused by stress and tension. A study involving the relation of pets and blood pressure has proven this statement. They had batches of NY stockbrokers who were currently suffering from high blood pressure who had dogs/cats were found to have lower BP and hear rates than other groups who did not.

Having a Pet Encourages Us to Go Out and Exercise

Whether you walk your dog(s) since it’s your responsibility as their owner, or because you like walking with the presence of your pet, dog owners definitely spend more time walking compared to individuals without pets. And since it is a fact that exercise, as simple as walking or jogging, is beneficial for managing stress and having a better health. And if you have a dog, it can increase the said benefits.

Pets Can Be a Great Aid for Social Support

Especially in an urban place, walking with your dog outside your house can likely lead to conversing with other people. It can be a simple “Good Day” or even a good long chat. This is a good way to widen your network of friends, which leads you to have a better stress management.

Pets Prevent Us from Feeling Lonely and Give Us Conditional Love

A lot of pet owners would agree that an animal companion can be there for you in a lot of other ways that people, even your own parents, and friends can’t—providing love, companionship, comfortable silence, keeping secrets, and comfortable snuggling. They can also be an effective antidote loneliness. A research showed that residents of nursing homes feel less lonely when they are alone with the dogs visiting than having them together with other people.

Pets Can Improve a Lot of Relationships

A great relationship with your animal buddy can lead to better relations with other people. Your pet will not care what kind of person you are, or if what you’re wearing is even presentable; they still want to play with you and be near you wherever you go. This fact alone encouraged people to live. A study also showed that animals in nature can teach a person values such as patience, and mental energy. Being a pet owner can also teach you responsibility, and improve your sense of trust, openness, and companionship.

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