Living As An Independent Woman

An independent woman is a liberated woman who does not depend on anyone for financial, emotional and psychological support. The society takes women as lesser beings compared to men. Women empowerment programs focus on independence in finding inward happiness. It means she is able to cope with people irrespective of their personality without any outside influence.

Characteristics of an Independent Woman

Prioritizes Her Needs

An independent woman prioritizes her needs. She is able to give her mind and body what she requires without seeking permission or authority from others. She also knows where to find happiness within herself. In her career, she makes independent decisions within the company policies while accommodating the effect of the rest of the team. She is intelligent and uses wisdom to make decisions rather than the body. This personality helps build healthy social relationships with her peers. She does not fear to express herself and speak out her mind about something.

Possesses High Self-Esteem

A self-reliant woman is comfortable with herself. She is not jealous of a fellow woman but uses the personality as a motivating factor to become successful in her own capacity. Positive jealousy is great since it acts as a model of transformation. Negative jealousy leads to low self-esteem. For example, the current world recognizes a slim woman as “fashionable’ a plus-size woman who appreciates herself irrespective of societal judgment is the road to independence.

Sets and Sticks to Her Limits

She ensures she sets her boundaries straight and follows them to the letter. She is able to say no to any destruction, which goes contrary to her principles. She can say no to negative criticism. She also appreciates positive criticism and uses it to build positive virtues in herself.

Takes Responsibility for Her Actions

The assertive nature of an independent woman makes her responsible for her actions. She stands on her principles and ready to defend herself. She is not easily swayed by the wave of fashion, career, and relationships among others. She sticks to her goals in life and strictly follows that to the end. This does not mean she refutes every opinion but she accommodates individual opinion but does not follow it if it does go well with her principles.

Believes in Herself

Since she is responsible for her actions, she goes an extra mile to ensure her principles are the best for the goals. In her career, she can stick to a decision and ready to defend it while accommodating company policies. She also obedient to work ethics and able to correct any offensive utterances from her peers for the sake of harmony.
It is evident an independent woman has strong principles which govern her life. This makes her happy at all times. In addition to other personalities she may possess, she puts her needs first while accommodating the rest as the next priority; as a result, she makes an independent decision without any influence by any external forces. This personality makes her think before making a decision since she is the sole carrier of the repercussions.