How Ping Pong affects mind and body

Ping Pong can be an underrated as a simple sport yet it is a physically intensive game, which involves both the mind and the body. The success of the game depends on high intelligence quotient (IQ) and fast body movement for quick ball response and ball hits. The vigorous physical exercise associated with the game enhances cognitive development and overall brain development. Other benefits include

Improved psychomotor skills

The motor circuits build in the brain helps in activating improvement of psychomotor skills. They are responsible for the psychosocial development of the player. The game does not only focus on the ball but it makes you view opponent’s weaknesses and capitalizes them within the shortest time limit of the game. Remember, your opponent is also studying your movements and improving on his weaknesses. You have to change tact to counter that since everyone gears towards a win. At the end of the game, the brain is at constant work, with time there is an overall improvement in brain functioning.

Enhanced memory

Table tennis is a game, which requires quick thinking to be able to respond to the ball on time. This helps to improve memory and master the concept of ball movement for further plays. The fast reaction time in ball response and body movement is the work of the nerves to help in stimulating the hormones for the quick response. The sport activates the brain to strategies on gameplay; this is achieved through constant involvement in the sport.

Improved concentration and alertness

The brain game enhances concentration since the nature of the game is such that you have to keep your eye glued to the ball at any one point. This further helps to increase alertness to counter your opponent’s moves.

Good mood

Playing ping pong outdoor activates the hormone responsible for muscle relaxation; the overall effect is a positive attitude towards life and further good mood. It also stimulates the brain to improve the attention of the players while focusing on the ball while it bounces the table. There are a lots of ping pong equipments: Check it out! The strategic organization of a player comes from the subconscious mind in the brain. The game is compared to chess since it helps in thinking faster than how your opponent thinks. Sports enthusiasts refer to table tennis as the game of the brain because of the massive brain activities while handling the sport.glide

Brain reaction

Health experts working with docile children encourage ball games to help allow the brain to think beyond the eyes. Ping Pong acts as a memory booster and improves mastery of facts and events. The game makes you change tactics constantly to beat your opponent. You cannot have a specific way of handling the game. Your opponent determines your strategy in winning the game.

The aerobic exercises involved in the game enhance brain reaction to strategize on the best move while focusing on winning the game. All these require proper mental health. Prolonged playing of table tennis has an overall positive effect on the brain functioning. All these proves the science behind ping pong and proper brain functioning.