Coffee for Healthy Mind and Body

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Despite the fact that there are reasons why you should not drink coffee, a lot of people can’t keep away from this delicious and mouth-watering drink. Aside from the compelling taste, there are a lot of benefits one can get from drinking coffee that most people don’t know. Coffee may not be the villain you have thought it to be.

Jogging Your Memory

One of the saddest parts of seeing someone age is witnessing one’s mental sharpness lose its grip. Although you may think it’s impossible to stop it from happing, a recent study relating to it might give you hope. According to the research, coffee may be a good substance to prevent you from having the same fate. The researchers found out that the participants who drank 3-5 cups of coffee each day lessen their risk of getting Alzheimer’s diseases or dementia by more than 50%. If you don’t want it to slip out of your mind, make it a habit of drinking coffee with your meals to help you not forget.

It Doesn’t Just Hype You Up, It Also Makes You Smarter

If you constantly feel tired, even though you regularly have enough sleep, it’s a good reason to start drinking coffee. Coffee can increase your energy thanks to the strong stimulant called caffeine in each coffee bean. A lot of researchers involving human participants have shown how coffee enhanced several regions of brain function, including one’s memory, mood, energy levels, reaction time, vigilance, and the overall cognitive capacity.

Want to Live Longer? Drink Coffee

It may sound crazy, but numerous credible researches have shown that people who drink coffee have lower risks of dying from a wide variety of terrible health conditions. One of the most famous ones was the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in the year 2012. One of the reasons it’s so credible is because of the study’s number of participants, which exceeds 400, 000. They didn’t just keep track them for a few years, but they spent 12-13 years regularly studying their condition.

It Makes You Happier

A bag of chips and a few cans of beer are not the only food that will make you happier. A safer and proven drink is coffee. Like in any lesson, we are taught that caffeine increases the amount of dopamine in our brain, which is also known as the pleasure chemical. It will cause a chain reaction in your body that will make you less depressed, but rather happier. Literally speaking, drinking coffee is a life saver. So if you ever have a friend who is depressed, have a chat with her or him over a hot cup of coffee.

Coffee Makes You Calm

Even smelling that freshly brewed coffee alone has already a calming effect. How does it do this? Coffee transforms the protein composition in the brain that is related to stress, especially the one caused by having no proper amount of sleep. This is why it’s a great feeling to have a cup of coffee early in the morning. Start your morning with Coffee as part of daily life? Why not?