Grilled Food vs. Fried Food, Which is better?


Of all the cooking methods that exist today, frying and grilling are two of the most favorited ones. The two have also been in a fight with each other for which is better—grilling or frying? Not a lot of people know, it doesn’t depend on how a meal tastes for each (not saying both doesn’t make delicious food). So, here are some things you need to consider to answer the question.


Whether you’re frying or grilling, both impose potential risks to your health—depends on how you grill or fry. Usually, you add butter and pour oil to the pan, then the food cook on whatever oil the pan releases. But, the amount of oil in your food/meat when you grill can’t be compared to the high amount of fat content in the meat/food itself. Added to that, while you grill, HCAs, which are carcinogenic compounds are formed by the interaction of proteins with the high level of heat. The ingestion of heterocyclic amines has been associated with cancer—specifically colon and stomach cancer. Scorched meat, food thoroughly cooked and smoked with burning fat intensify heterocyclic amines.


When you’re grilling or frying, it creates a meat flavor when high heat is applied to the food’s protein. The various-flavored compounds, providing meat a strong, intricate flavor. That different flavor you can taste from grilled food that isn’t present in fried food comes from 2 sources. One, are the hardwood-made charcoal briquettes that the meat absorbs the smoky wood taste. Whether you’re grilling food through charcoal and gas, smoke and flames made by drizzling fat scorches the meat and saturates the meat with a smoky flavor. But, as mentioned earlier, the fat content escalates the content of HCAs present on your food. In other words, having that smoky flavor comes at a great price.


Whether the sun or shining or the rain is pouring, nighttime or daytime, you can quickly and conveniently fry your food on your pan, at the very comfort and convenience of your own kitchen. For a lot of cooking enthusiasts, grilling is usually done outside. You have to setup your equipment away from other kitchenware, such as your refrigerator, kitchen, and cooking supplies. Added to that, you must buy a perfect smoker for your needs make grilling more convenient especially those electric smoker ones. Basically, frying is more convenient than grilling.


Both grilling and frying have a flexible form that others do not have. For grilling, you can use indirect heating methods, like killing the secondary gas burners or spreading charcoal on just one side of the grill to cook large pieces of meat. On the flip side, frying food in a pan makes an easy base for other methods of cooking. Take for an example, one can hazel a steak or roast, then basically pour wine or broth to the pan, cover it using a tight-fitting cover, lessening the heat and unhurriedly cook a thick piece of meat until is thoroughly tender. Not only that, you can move a piece of browned steak in a cast iron pan straight into a medium hot oven.