Ontraport has made it easy for a fitness and lifestyle coach

A Letter from Fitness and Lifestyle Coach glidehealth image

A lot of my friends ask me how I did it. They ask me how I got healthy and fit at the same time; how I promoted the healthy lifestyle I have learned through my struggles and get a lot of followers. Many women who want to lose weight expect my newsletter and inspirational message every day.  To tell them honestly, I never really thought I can achieve my dreams of having a fit body while living the career I want. I always wanted to be a fitness and lifestyle coach.  I didn’t know that it was possible then I start to realize nothing is really impossible once you give time, enthusiasm, discipline, and commitment.  I created this letter to answer the questions that were being thrown at me. This is my story…

Since I was a kid, I already love junk foods, soda, and sweets.  I never really mind what I eat or drink. I was young and was not bothered about health. I eat what was satisfying, convenient and foods that can be prepared quickly without even caring what it can do to my body.

There comes to a point that I was bullied because of my weight.  I felt embarrass and dreamt a lot of being sexy and healthy. I kept on saying that someday I will achieve it. I’ve read every article and books that would help get healthy again. Having commitment in getting fit is more demanding that to be in a relationship. Your enemy is yourself. It takes a lot of discipline, perseverance, and dedication in achieving your goals. Eating the right food and listening to your body is the first thing you should learn to do. I was slowly achieving the body and lifestyle I’ve always wanted when people start noticing the improvement I got. People started to ask me and want to get an advice from me. I talked to them and sometimes repeating the same message I gave to the previous person that asked me the same questions.

I’ve created video blogs and showed it to people. I started sending emails using Ontaport and got a lot of followers. I have proven that people are getting more inspiration from the emails I am sending, they expect it every day. I am really touched how they respond to my messages with their own success stories. If you test it out Ontaport, it has given me the power to communicate to my followers without any fail. It has many features that made it easy for me to get in touch to everyone. It has text messaging function, email marketing, postcard marketing and tracking features. People get updates from me on time.

I found contentment and happiness with what I am doing now. I am sending an email to people who wants to get the inspirational message and I love that I can be someone to help them and at the same time making my career out it.


All the best,

Maddie Johnson
Fitness and Lifestyle Coach